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Little Voice from the Forest – Behold Ghana (4)- love, peace, and harmony: democracy, military, youth

Democracy in Search of Meaning – Coups and Their Celebrants Since 2020, there have been six coups in West African countries: Mali, Niger, Guinea, Burkina Faso. Gabon – Central Africa – also had one recently. Some countries have had multiple coups. Recent survey by Afrobarometer showed that 53 percent of people across 36 African countries […]

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Little Voice from the Forest – Behold Ghana (3) – national cathedral and messiness

National Cathedral and the Messiness in Ecclesia  The National Cathedral building project has become a very divisive issue in Ghana, the sentiments and debate it generates competes favourably with those of Ghana’s pitiful performance at the recent FIFA World Cup. But diehard supporters, who bated away initial complaints, as ugly noises from anti-Christs, now cower under […]

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Little Voice from the Forest – Behold Ghana (1) -only love can set us free

The Little Small Voice from the Forest – Behold Ghana  There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming, confusing.……………. Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting, reacting Against my will I stand beside my own reflection It’s haunting How I can’t seem.   To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without […]

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